Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Loves

So, this post doesn't really have to do with being creative really. I just kind of felt like sharing some of my loves. I'm curious if "creative" people have similar likes and loves. I'm going to skip over the obvious answers which include my husband, family, a wonderful home, and other things that I am very grateful for. I'll just stick with the little things in life that I enjoy. Also, I believe people are more creative when they are in a good mood and are focusing on the positive, so here I am to go to my happy place! These are in no particular order, rather I'm just writing them down as they pop into my head.


There's just something about candles that puts me in the most wonderful mood! They really help create an atmosphere that makes me happy. Candles make me feel romantic, inspired, thoughtful, calm, contemplative, cozy, and just happy in general. I light candles around my house all the time. I like all different kinds including tea lights, scented candles, crackling candles, etc. If you've never tried writing with a candle burning near you, I would recommend it!


There's just something about picking out a cute scarf with a pattern you love to express how you're feeling that day! I love them and would be perfectly fine with having a nice dedicated space for them in a nice big closet, despite the fact I only wear them in the fall and winter. They make me happy. I can't really think of any good solid logical reasons for it, I just do.


My husband always laughs at me because I'm always saying, "You can NEVER have too many pillows!" Cozy=Happy. That's it!


Yum, yum, yum, yum! This is my favorite dessert in the whole world. I never turn it down, and every flavor I have tried I love. There is cheesecake in my happy place.

#5 - PLAID

I really love the down-to-earth, country feel, and I believe plaid plays a part in that. I just love the pattern, and it makes me happy! It might be crazy to say, but I love plaid everything. Plaid tops, plaid skirts, plaid scarves, plaid shoes, plaid blankets, anything! One day I hope to have a Christmas tree with plaid country decorations on it.

So, these are just a few of the many small things in life that make me just a little happier. I very curious as to what some of your loves are! Maybe you can write a blog post dedicated to some of them or comment below? I hope you all have a wonderful day and stay focused on the little things we are blessed with that make us happy.

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