Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nerdy and Fuzzy

I believe that creativity shows itself in more ways than just the ways people typically think of. Really anything that shows an expression of you or a message you are trying to convey can be considered creativity!

That being said, I thought it would be fun to share something quick I did a while back with my dog. I thought it would be funny to dress him up that could somehow show his personality to people who don't interact with him. And of course, who's never thought about putting their pet in clothes.

His name is Bear.

He's getting up there in age, but he's been a goofball his whole life. A popular nickname for him around the house is Dopey because he is so happy-go-lucky. Despite his playful and clumsy appearance, he's really smart and has a great personality. Here are a couple pictures of the mini photo shoot Bear and I had, with a special thanks to my husband who was patient enough to repeatedly replace the glasses and hat every time Bear let them fall off.

Bear had SO much fun, and my husband and I were laughing at how excited he was getting about all the attention. He did pretty great; better than I had expected.

The picture we got with Bear wearing the hat went better than with the glasses. It only took a few tries with the cap, but it took us quite a few tries for the glasses because he would lean his head forward and let them fall off.

It was fun and I'm glad I have the pictures. Have any of you ever dressed your pets up and taken pictures of them? It might be kind of weird, but it was a blast and Bear loved it. You can even tell in the pictures how much fun he was having. Here are a couple of our failed attempts for those who want to see more.