Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just a Little Update

Ideas to give more depth to my book have been coming to me constantly! It's the best feeling, and I only wish I could write faster. Lately, I've been creating more back story for my character's other than my main characters. I find that it is easier to write about how they would react in interactions with my main characters to know where they have been in life, even if my main character doesn't know it.

Besides writing, I am really looking forward to next week. My husband and I are buying a Canon Rebel t4i camera!! I am so excited to get back into my photography addiction!! I'll finally be able to take pictures of our first apartment together and take creative pictures. I'm excited to start adding photography to my blog, so expect some photos in the future.

A little side note, a friend of mine has a wonderful blog where she talks about beauty, cosmetics, and being a person who loves themselves and makes the most of life. She gives some great encouragement. Check it out!

Belle Fleur's Blog: Be Empowered

Be creative today!

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  1. Even though you didn't post this as a Celebrate the Small Things, there are some great things you're celebrating in this post. Character interactions, whether they're the MC or not, are so important. I haven't been writing much either, but will be taking a break from blogging to hopefully do more.

    I wish I could take some fun and necessary classes. Fun, like art and photography, and creative writing. Necessary, like business. Enjoy your week! Writer’s Mark